It’s Spring, Time for your Lawn’s Haircut.

Grass & Dew Background

After a long period of hibernation the process of waking up commences.  The sun creeps up over the morning horizon.  Shining brightly, it’s rays warm up the world around. The winter has begun to thaw and the long nights are getting shorter.

I wake from my slumber and realize that the landscaping season has begun!  I’m late!  I hurriedly get ready for the work, the first day of a great season ahead.  My time off has resulted in a commonplace lethargy that makes it difficult to focus.  I scramble around trying to get ready to head out the door, but the fog in my mind is just an obstacle to a smooth start to the day.

Life.  Cereal.  My usual go to for breakfast doesn’t make for a quick task of eating while heading out the door.  I fail to notice a piece of cereal clinging desperately to the collar of my work shirt.  The silver lining, the cereal-on-my-shirt it isn’t out of place with the rest of my appearance.   During the off season ‘No Shave November’ goes into December, January, and well you know.  Apparently that soup catcher doesn’t care to stop cereal.

Zipping through traffic still fails to get me to the office on time.  I jump out of the car running to the front door and crash into when it angrily refuses to open.  Locked!  What?  Apparently it wasn’t the first day of work.  It was all a bad dream.  You see some people have that falling dream and wake up when they hit the ground…  Others have dreams where they are late and the whole day is ruined and they wake up when they hit the door.

It was a terribly silly dream to be terrified of.  Nevertheless, it does often show us how procrastination, and poor preparation lead to pathetic results.  I was reminded today of good planning by my wife.  She texted me stating that the neighbors were mowing their lawn.  It is slightly early, but it goes to show that they care about their lawn.  They are ready for the year.  They pay attention.  They prepare.

It cannot be stressed enough to make sure you have a plan for your lawn care this year.  Failing to plan and prepare for your lawn care will not result in the immediate destruction of your lawn.  However, over time, improper lawn care habits will result in spending more money on your lawn that you normally wouldn’t.  Your lawn/curb appeal of your home makes up 15% of your home’s value!  Return on investment for lawn care can be as high as 200%.  Much better return than investing in a new kitchen (I just need some place to store my Life Cereal, bowls, and spoons.  I am a little biased.)

Though it might be a week or two early for mowing, Weed Man Lawn Care has already started the fertilizer process on lawns this week.  We do not do mowing as part of our business, but knowing about mowing IS part of our business.  It is the time of year where you should be getting ready to start mowing your lawn.  It’s time for its haircut.  (Beard trimming in my case).

I wanted to leave you with some great information about mowing that will help you out this year!  It definitely seems simple, but sometimes we make it complex and the results aren’t what they should be.

  1.  Mow regularly – and at a proper height.  Depending on the type of grass you have a different mowing height may be necessary.  Kentucky Bluegrass is the most common grass type in the Boise area.  We recommend 2-3 inches in the cooler weather, and 3-4 inches in the warmer weather.  This means that if your grass is 4 or 5 inches tall cut it down to 3 inches.   This is important as your lawn roots mimic/mirror what is going on above ground.  If you cut your lawn too short, you will have stunted roots over a period of time.  They will not be able to reach deep in the ground and reach those reserves of water in the soil.  Essentially over a period of time of cutting your lawn too short you will eventually see a very unhealthy lawn.
  2. Rule of 1/3  – Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade at one time.  This will stress your grass out.  Much like a stressed human, it can lead to a more vulnerable immune system.  Disease, drought, insects can attack your lawn more effectively when your grass is stressed.
  3. Sharpen your blade – This is important!  Do you let your barber cut your hair with dull scissors?  How about your surgeon?  Do they cut you with a dull scalpel?  When you mow your lawn with a dull blade, it actual tears the grass instead of cutting it.  It makes it much more difficult to heal – again stressing the lawn out.
  4. Differ your pattern.  Grass can develop a ‘grain’ over time.  If you mow in the same pattern every time, it will create tracks in your lawn and just won’t look as nice.
  5. Mow when it is cool/dry.  Sometimes this is difficult in the heat of the summer.  The warmer the weather the more stressed you lawn will be when you mow it.  Definitely avoid mowing when the lawn is wet.  This is similar to mowing with a dull blade, and in fact can dull your blade over time as well.  Wet grass does not slice well, it does rip well 😦


When you focus and prepare for proper lawn care you will have a much healthier happier lawn!  A healthier lawn is stronger and more resistant to disease, drought, and insects. Happy mowing!

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